All of our mapping is derived from the Ordnance Survey’s National Geographic Database and is the latest and most up to date mapping available. View location plan, vector and other product offerings in the dropdown below.

Location Plan and Block Plan Plots

These maps are site centred and can be printed in a variety of sizes from A4 to A0 with scales from 1:200 to 1:2500. We can change the orientation; and select, highlight and measure areas of interest. These maps are available in black and white or colour.

Prices start from £9.99 + VAT

Location Plan Planning Packs

A planning pack may be requested by the local authority to whom you have applied for planning permission. The pack contains maps in two scales. The usual combination being 1:500 and 1:1250 on A4 sheets, however please specifically refer to the information you have been asked to submit before purchasing.

Prices start from £29.99 + VAT

Location Plan DXF/DWG Data for CAD

With Location Plan DXF or DWG data for CAD, centre your map on the exact area subject to a minimum of 1 square hectare. We can also cut polygons to avoid buying unwanted areas. Once imported, users can manipulate the data as required.

Prices start from £15.00 + VAT

Location Plan JPEG Data

Location Plan JPEG Data, delivered by email. Data can also be imported into other documents and overlaid with additional information.

Prices start from £9.99 + VAT

VectorMap Local Data

Our 1:10,000 mapping product offers a high level of detail over a large area.

VectorMap Local Data

Data is supplied as a full colour, geo-referenced tiff, centred on your chosen location.
The orientation can be altered to follow a linear feature. The file can also be imported into CAD and GIS systems.

 Prices start from £20.00 + VAT

VectorMap Local Plots

Our 1:10,000 mapping product offers a high level of detail over a large area.

VectorMap Local Plots

VectorMap Local Plots are available in 1:5,000 or 1:10,000 scales, plotted in colour. Plots are centred on your chosen location, in portait or landscape orientation, and feature contours.

 Prices start from £20.00 + VAT

Small Scale

National Map Centre can produce a customised map based on Ordnance Survey’s famous OS Explorer at 1:25000 and OS Landranger Map at 1:50000 series. It allows the customer to centre their chosen location in the middle of the map and choose the coverage they want.

Prices start from £20.00 + VAT

Historical Mapping

Historical Mapping can be an asset to your project. This type of mapping could help your business in many ways for instance, legal issues include boundary disputes, feasibility studies, change of use registration and historical research.

We can offer historical mapping from the 1860s

Simply specifiy your site/area of interest, and we will research to see which years are available at which scales; and whether a full sheet or extract would best suit your needs.

There is no charge for this research and we will have the results within 24 hours.

1950s to mid 1990s: national grid OS maps

Available in 1:1250, 1:2500 and 1:10000 scales
Full sheets £48, extracts £40

1860s to 1940 – County Series maps

Available in 1:2500 and 1:10560 (2½“ and 6” to the mile)
Full sheets £30, extracts (600x600M or 2.6×2.6km respectively for the two scales), £25

Historical Map Reports

We can also produce sets of historic OS maps for a site. These are site-centred extracts within A3 size of every available historic OS map available for your area of interest.

Any of these maps can be supplied on a matt film for use as an overlay wrap for an extra charge of £5 (full sheets) or £2.50 (extracts).

Maps despatched by 1st class post within 24 hours of order being placed and payment made postage and packing is £2.50 per order

Land Registry Title Plans and Title Registers

Land Registry Title Plans (£12.08 + VAT)

Title Plans are based on an extract of the Ordnance Survey map. They support the property description in the title register by giving a graphic representation of the registration.

The Title Plan shows:

• the general extent of the land or property in a registered title, edged in red
• the title number
• the Ordnance Survey map used to prepare the title plan
• the administrative area for the land or property (the council to whom you pay your council tax)
• black lines marking out features such as buildings, walls, fences or hedges (not all title plans show these)

Some title plans have areas which are coloured. These relate to specific entries in the title register

Land Registry Title Register (£12.08 + VAT)

A Title Register gives an up-to-date record of who legally owns the land or property and other details relating to it (and replaces the traditional title deeds). The title register is made up of three parts:

The Property register gives:

• property description
• any rights that it may have the benefit of
• details of the lease if it is a leasehold property

The Proprietorship register gives:

• the current registered owner
• the price paid for the property, if sold since 1st April 2000
• any restriction which limits the powers of the registered owner to deal with or dispose of the land/property

The Charges register gives:

• mortgage details
• other rights or interests to which the land or property is subject

Buy your Land Registry Title Plans and title Register together for £20.42 + VAT

For more information on Land Registry products please click the get in-touch button

City and West End Mapping City Mapping

City Mapping is available from our sister company Oxford Cartographers.

They can provide maps for all areas of the UK, scaled accordingly.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography can be a valuable addition to your project, allowing you to see exactly what is or what was at ground level on a given date. Applications for this type of mapping include town planning, flood mapping, feasibility studies and legal disputes. We aim to provide your map within 24 hours, subject to our usual business working hours.

We can offer aerial photography from the 1940s to 2012

Recent photographs (from 1999)

Once we know your area of interest we can tell you the dates available, resolution (usually 10 – 25 cm) and price, which start from £10.50 + VAT.

We can then supply you with a JPEG scan of the photograph you have selected as best meeting your needs. Prints of your scan are available from £3.

Historic 1970s – 2000

High resolution black and white images from the 1970’s to 2000, sourced from OS serial photographs, complete with exact dates of when the photographs were taken.

We don’t charge for research; high resolution scans start from £35 + VAT, 25cm2 prints from £25.80 + VAT, magnified extracts from scans from £5 + VAT.

1940s – 1970s

Although not so readily available, we can research photography from the 1940s onwards. Sources for this include RAF, Luftwaffe and other commercial companies. We can source some photgraphy prior to 1940, but we do not have complete records for all areas.

Due to the nature of the data, this research will take longer than our usual turn around time.

Height Data

National Map Centre has a range of Height Data products which are ideal for the following: route feasibility; 3D visualisation; line of sight, surface or watershed analysis; cut and fill calculations; environmental and risk assessments; project cost estimation etc.

We can provide the following products

5m Grid Digital Terrain
5m Grid with Contours

OS Profile

OS Land-Form Panorama
50m Grid
50m Grid with contours
Contours only

Which is the right product for you?

Resolution,  as stated for ‘Height Data’ is the area size on the ground in direct proportion to a single pixel on a computer screen (e.g. Resolution of 5m = 1 pixel represents 5m on the ground). Smaller resolution values equal greater accuracy.

Vertical Accuracy is a value +/- amount in centimetres or metres eg +/- 15cm. Smaller values equal better vertical accuracy. Height Data also has horizontal accuracy too, typically 5m, 10m or 50m Grid intervals. Larger Grid intervals are less accurate.  Please discuss with us further for vertical accuracy of specific products.

Coverage, most of the products have full-GB coverage, but some of the more accurate data is only available for high-risk areas, please check with us.

Costs from £10.00 + VAT. Prices will vary according to product choice, location and area size selected.

PMCL and other licensing