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Historical Maps

Historical Mapping can be an asset to your project. This type of mapping could help your business in many ways for instance, legal issues include boundary disputes, feasibility studies, change of use registration and historical research.

We can offer historical mapping from the 1860s

Simply specifiy your site/area of interest, and we will research to see which years are available at which scales; and whether a full sheet or extract would best suit your needs.

There is no charge for this research and we will have the results within 24 hours.

1950s to mid 1990s: national grid OS maps

Available in 1:1250, 1:2500 and 1:10000 scales
Full sheets £48, extracts £40

1860s to 1940 – County Series maps

Available in 1:2500 and 1:10560 (2½“ and 6” to the mile)
Full sheets £30, extracts (600x600M or 2.6×2.6km respectively for the two scales), £25

Historical Map Reports

We can also produce sets of historic OS maps for a site. These are site-centred extracts within A3 size of every available historic OS map available for your area of interest.

Any of these maps can be supplied on a matt film for use as an overlay wrap for an extra charge of £5 (full sheets) or £2.50 (extracts).

Maps despatched by 1st class post within 24 hours of order being placed and payment made postage and packing is £2.50 per order

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City Mapping

City Mapping is available from our sister company Oxford Cartographers.

They can provide maps for all areas of the UK, scaled accordingly.

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PMCL and other licensing

A PMCL will enable your business to make unlimited copies of Ordnance Survey mapping either in paper or electronic form such as a PDF or raster format (not a vector data file such as DXF, or any file that is geo-referenced). It is purchased on a per office basis and covers all copying of OS maps by that office irrespective of the number of copies or where you purchased your mapping.

OS Mapping can support the internal administration and operation of your business as well as limited external use such as display on web pages. Make sure you can legally copy and share data. Applying is easy just click on the link.

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