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Fault: Map ordering, and corrupted file exports (PDF Plots) (Revised: 20/09/23)
Summary: Following the recent server migration (26th August); there have been reports of corrupted PDF plot files that were unable to open correctly. Developers applied a fix on the 29th which we believe resolved the issue for most customers however some further steps are required. Subsequently there are also reports of issues with custom data selections using the polygon tool.
Solution: This is a caching issue. It can be corrected by performing a forced refresh:

  • With the web browser open, use these two keyboard keys at the same time: CTRL + F5
  • Ensure that all saved links to the website are replaced or removed to avoid using old cache by accident
  • Our own advice: Re-starting your computer entirely wouldn’t hurt either, so you may want to do that too!

Please contact us if you have followed this advice but still have any problems.
Thank you for your patience.

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