Land Registry

Land Registry Title Plans (£13.50 + VAT)

Title Plans are based on an extract of the Ordnance Survey map. They support the property description in the title register by giving a graphic representation of the registration.

Title Plans show:

• General extent of the land or property in a registered title, edged in red
• Title Number
• Ordnance Survey map used to prepare the title plan
• Administrative area for the land or property (the council to whom you pay your council tax)
• Black lines marking out features such as buildings, walls, fences or hedges (not all title plans show these)

Some title plans have areas which are coloured. These relate to specific entries in the title register

Land Registry Title Register (£13.50 + VAT)

A Title Register gives an up-to-date record of who legally owns the land or property and other details relating to it (and replaces the traditional title deeds). The title register is made up of three parts:

Property Registers show:

• Property description
• Any rights that it may have the benefit of
• Details of the lease if it is a leasehold property

Proprietorship Registers show:

• Current registered owner
• Price paid for the property, if sold since 1st April 2000
• Any restriction which limits the powers of the registered owner to deal with or dispose of the land/property

Charges Registers show:

• Mortgage details
• Other rights or interests to which the land or property is subject

Buy both: Title Plan and Title Register for £22.50 + VAT

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Title Plan Sample

Title Register Sample